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jazz services logoJazz is rich in history and culture, yet it is also a music that remains fresh and new simply because it will always evolve and develop. Musicians and singers will continue to look at expressing songs and music in different ways, as well as experimenting with new compositional techniques, harmonies and chord progressions. Jazz Services was formed over 19 years ago to promote the growth and development of jazz within the UK.

Jazz Services Limited is a registered charity funded by the Arts Council of England with financial assistance from the Musicians' Union (MU), the Foundation for Sport and the Arts and the Performing Right Society (PRS). The staff of Chris Hodgkins (Director), Celia Wood (Information and Publications Manager) and Phil Meloy (Information Officer) are assisted by part time work from Montfort Maxon (Administration), Steve French (Computer Consultant) and Biddie Samuels (Support Worker).

Making Sure Jazz Gets Heard

We exist to promote and develop jazz in the UK. We offer services in information, education, touring, communications, marketing and publishing. In short, Jazz Services provides a voice for jazz.

Our Voice is Getting Louder and Louder

As a result of increased funding through a substantial A4E Lottery grant from the Arts Council of England, Jazz Services is now able to offer a much improved and far more comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of jazz.

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