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musicians union logoThe M.U. was founded over 100 years ago in 1893, and has a proud history of service to musicians of all types.

The music profession and the music industry have seen constant evolution and change over the years. And the Musicians' Union has evolved and changed with them, with one aim in view - to offer you the musician a better service and a democratic organisation. You can help to shape its policies but only if you are a member.

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The Rock and Pop world is not just about records and videos. The most successful bands in the long term are still those who excel in a live situation and record companies are all too aware of this. In order to polish up your act you need as many of those vital early local gigs as possible. It's a sad fact that many young bands just starting up fail to get themselves a fair deal in the pubs and clubs. By joining the Musicians' Union you can actively campaign from within our ranks to change this situation.

We at the M.U. believe that without a healthy grass roots scene the music and record industries will stagnate and suffer in the long term. We have 100 branches throughout the country, and the best way to ensure that your town or city provides a vibrant local launch pad for new bands is to get along to regular branch meetings, and use them as a way of developing strategies to persuade local publicans and club owners to promote more live music with fair pay and conditions.

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